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This outdated table shows the compatibility of UPnP/DLNA aware devices with pDLNA.

DLNA deviceDiscoveryDirectory ListingMedia PreviewImage StreamingAudio StreamingVideo Streaming
foobar2000 v1.1.8 (with UPnP/DLNA Renderer, Server, Control Point 0.99.35)yesBaseViewn/An/Aaudio/mpeg, audio/x-flac, audio/mp4n/A
Microsoft Windows Media Player 12yesBaseViewimage/jpegimage/jpeg, image/gifaudio/mpeg, audio/mp4, audio/x-ms-wmavideo/x-msvideo, video/x-matroska, video/mp4, video/mpeg
Samsung LED TV (UE40B8090)yesBaseViewimage/jpegimage/jpegaudio/mpegvideo/x-msvideo, video/x-matroska, video/mp4, video/mpeg
Totem v2.32.0 (with Coherence DLNA/UPnP Client)yesBaseViewn/An/Aaudio/mpeg, audio/mp4, audio/x-ms-wmavideo/x-msvideo, video/x-matroska, video/mp4, video/mpeg
UPnP Discover v1.0.3yesn/An/An/An/An/A
VLC media player v1.1.9 (on Linux)yesBaseViewn/An/Aaudio/mpeg, audio/mp4, audio/x-ms-wma, audio/x-flacvideo/x-msvideo, video/x-matroska, video/mp4, video/mpeg

If you tested pDLNA with another UPnP/DLNA aware device, please inform me about the compatibility. The device will be added afterwards to the table above.



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