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pDLNA » Perl DLNA MediaServer

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For those of you, which are not quite sure if pDLNA fulfills your needs, you are just to lazy to install the dependencies or you just want to take a look at pDLNA to test it, you are able to download some pre-installed virtual machines images to play with pDLNA.

Each pre-installed virtual machine image comes with the same media files (to test the functionality), which are licensed under the Creative Commons licence. In each pre-installed virtual machine, there is a DISCLAIMER.txt file, which lists the media file, its source and its exact Creative Commons licence.

There is also a chapter in the pDLNA Installation, Configuration and Debugging Guide, which gives detailed information about the pre-installed virtual machines.

There might be even more pre-installed virtual machines in the future. So stay tuned.


After starting a pre-installed virtual machines, pDLNA has to be started manually.

» pDLNA » Pre-installed VMs » CentOS

CentOS incl. pDLNA v0.70.0 (SHA256: 486c54e88ff0...2bd506c1c9c9, Size: 668.37 MB)

CentOS incl. pDLNA v0.64.0 (SHA256: 0c9ae1ffb30a...7ac6d17118a9, Size: 373.26 MB)

CentOS incl. pDLNA v0.63.0 (SHA256: 3cc28e1e1f37...3fb6d1dd089c, Size: 381.05 MB)

CentOS incl. pDLNA v0.62.0 (SHA256: 33a84a2f4e09...f782458054f9, Size: 377.41 MB)

CentOS incl. pDLNA v0.61.0 (SHA256: f089184893d8...4b35669363c0, Size: 374.58 MB)

» pDLNA » Pre-installed VMs » Debian

Debian incl. pDLNA v0.70.0 (SHA256: d73e5448815e...c79a0f67155a, Size: 692.64 MB)

Debian incl. pDLNA v0.64.0 (SHA256: 6b4cc3774e19...f87502258928, Size: 437.37 MB)

Debian incl. pDLNA v0.63.0 (SHA256: 68b061904bb9...2952e3380e8a, Size: 467.50 MB)

Debian incl. pDLNA v0.62.0 (SHA256: 58411ae8a9ba...7cdb42337b35, Size: 373.38 MB)

Debian incl. pDLNA v0.61.0 (SHA256: fb4ed907d23f...69b98f1ef631, Size: 369.28 MB)

» pDLNA » Pre-installed VMs » FreeBSD

FreeBSD incl. pDLNA v0.70.0 (SHA256: 08cca1bcdd8e...40b2cb1a07fe, Size: 2.00 GB)

FreeBSD incl. pDLNA v0.64.0 (SHA256: 87567067142e...cee5982a679b, Size: 845.12 MB)



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