pDLNA » Perl DLNA MediaServer

pDLNA » Perl DLNA MediaServer

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pDLNA is an UPnP and DLNA service which serves multimedia content to compatible clients on the network and is written in Perl. The latest version of pDLNA is 0.70.2 released at 2018-11-01.

Software, like pDLNA, is also known as digital media server (DMS), which stores content and makes it available to networked digital media players (DMP) and digital media renderers (DMR).

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This software is licensed under the term and condition described in the General Public License (GPL) 3.0: a copy of the GPL 3.0 can be found in http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt.

It grants to you the following freedoms:

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Have a look at the more detailed » compatibility table «, which is by the way a little bit outdated.

If you like to add support for another device or just join the developement, feel free to fork the project or supply patches on github.

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After buying myself a new Samsung LED TV supporting UPnP/DLNA, i wasn't really satisfied with the software which is needed to be running as a server. Here some problems I experienced:

So I decided to start my own project.



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